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Racism Thesis Statement Examples

Just because a particular person from a particular race does something very wrong, everyone from that race is being discriminated by people from so-called other races. This practice should be stopped for the good of the world. Racism at workplace

Illegal Immigration Thesis Statement Examples

Illegal immigration is a great threat to the host countries – A study of the status in United Kingdom over the last one decade. The increasing number of illegal immigrants in the southern states of United States of America has

Three Benefits to Creating a Thesis Statement

There are three main benefits of crafting a good thesis statement when doing any type of essay writing. Two are mainly beneficial to you as the writer while the third benefits the reader of your essay. A thesis statement is 

Recycling Thesis Statement Examples

Recycling is an environment-friendly process. However, there is a need to introduce cheaper and better recycling technology for widespread use. The ship-breaking industry must take note of the environmental damage it is causing to certain nations around the world and

How to Write an Argumentative Thesis Statement

In learning how to write an argumentative thesis statement, it is much easier than a lot of people may think. This type of writing is simply an effective and structured way for a person to present facts and logical reasoning

Human Trafficking Thesis Statement Examples

Human trafficking: the ugly face of modern day slavery, legal measures taken to prevent it in the United States. Because of rampant poverty in Thailand the problem of human trafficking is growing rapidly. The magnitude of the problem of human

Abortion Thesis Statement Examples

   Does abortion raise the risk of psychological problems in women? An analysis of the recent research studies on the issue. The consent of parents should be a must before a minor opts for abortion procedure. The arguments for and